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Stardust Mini Dress


When you'll enter in te room, oh they'll see you! The glitter fabric of this dress is something very unique, it's soft but it has the same light as a crystals mesh, super shiny and catching every little light reflecting it in a hypnotic soothing way. The color also is very unique like a light denim but sparkling.

It's a mini dress, so it's short, but the elegant puffy shoulders and the not revealing cleavage make it sophisticated and classy, and it's embellished by horizontal small drawings of the fabric all over the body. Of course you can play with it and change its appearance: you can make the cleavage deeper just opening the strings and create a 70s laced up deep v cleavage if you like it.

It's made in downtown Rome, Italy, by Daiquiri Lime the brand of our friends Allegra and Allegra (one is blonde one brunette, friends for life who love to make bodysuits and dresses with gorgeous fabrics and beautiful tailored fits).

- COMPLIMENTARY Alterations with our tailor in Singapore

- Made in Italy

- Length Dress 80 cm

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