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Rhodium Blue 'Eos' Ring


This one of my favorite rings by Cristina Sabatini. The design is strikingly unique grabbing your finger from the sides only leaving an empty space in between. Like it's not a ring but two separate cascades of Cubic Zirconia stones, one side clear, the other a vibrant deep blue. Love it! And cubic zirconia is extremely bright and it shows beautiful different shades of blue in the light. It has an unusual shape but it's very comfortable, it's designed for movements of the finger.

Eos in Greek mythology was the goddess of the Dawn, and this ring resembles the mixing of day and night trough light and dark sky in the horizon. 

Rhodium is a very precious metal of the Platinum family, but very resistant to oxidation and naturally very shiny. Oftentimes is used with white gold to improve its appearance.

Cristina Sabatini is a good friend of mine. Born in Brazil, Cristina lives in NY where her jewellery creations, made in resin, 18k gold pleated silver and semi-precious stones, became extremely popular thanks to their unique design and great quality. Jewellery that last in time, her pieces have been worn by Madonna, Lady Gaga and Sabrina Sato in Brazil.

- Rhodium pleated Sterling Silver

- Cubic Zirconia Gemstones 

- Length 4 cm