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Black Smooth 'Naked Wallet'

Naples, the city of Marinella, is a very chic city in South of Italy, but there is also a lot of pickpocketing. So elegant men there prefer to go out with a thin wallet like this to hide it well in their pockets. I call it 'Naked Wallet' because it's a thin cards holder, but it's spacious with many pockets like a real big wallet. Eight pockets for cards, two additional pockets for anything or cash, and a large pocket on top, all in one tiny mini handmade thing.

The leather is super smooth like nappa for clothing.

Marinella is the most famous tie maker in the world, and it's worn by men like Berlusconi, Obama, Clinton, Prince Charles of England and many more. Their accessories are considered the best by Italian men.

- Handmade in Italy

- Size H 9 x W 11 x D 0.5 (cm)

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