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Capri Green Velvet Jewel Insects Handbag

This is truly one of a kind bag! It's like a wearable jewel transformed in bag. The craftsmanship of these jewels on the bag is simply wow and it shows the best example of the tradition of Capri of handmade and artisanal, using only chunky, gorgeous and bright certified Swarovski. It's a handmade unique piece, a really exquisite Italian bag that you can use from day with a casual outfit up to dinner also elegant. The velvet that covers the bag is very unique, it looks creased and between the creases you see a red base that you can peep between the green.

Emanuela Caruso is the celebrity brand in Capri, a tiny island in the gulf of Naples where Hollywood goes on holiday since the 50s, famous for sandals, bags and high life.

- Handmade in Italy

- Leather Inside, Velvet outside

- Swarovski crystals

- H 25 x W 21 x D 7 (cm)

- Handle Length 35 cm

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