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MENGHI Jelly Shoes

Heart Crystal Ring Jelly Sandal

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When you wear these sandals it's like wearing nothing on your feet, just a gorgeous large Swarovski crystal on your toes. The first time I've walked in them I have to say that yes we are not used to these types of shoes, but now I love them it's really like walking barefoot, and they are so elegant that once I wore them also under an evening gown! And they are transparent in a smoky beige color, so they'll blend with any skin tone.

Menghi creates jelly shoes for big fashion brands such as Chanel and Valentino. Menghi shoes always stay shiny, even after getting soaked wet from the rain, after cleaning they look the same since they don’t absorb any dust, the sole is orthopaedic and comfortable and you can walk in the rain! It is the best jelly shoe in the world. 

- Rubber jelly

- Swarovski crystals

- Fits true to size

- Made in Italy

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