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Green Glencheck Silk Tie

This is a 3 plies silk handmade tie in a one of a kind jacquard pattern that in Italy we call 'Principe di Galles', in English Glencheck. What is interesting is that from far it seems a grey, but when you get closer the pattern is in a beautiful forest green on icy white background.

Marinella is the best tie maker in the world, it's considered the best accessories brand by Italian men and it's worn by Berlusconi, Obama, Clinton, Prince Charles of England and many more. To make a tie like this they start from a small square of the best silk with a pattern exclusively designed for that piece of silk: from that square of fabric they make only about 2-3 products..and that's it, no more! It's a very exclusive and handmade product, today like more than 100 years ago when they started.

Men collect Marinella ties because of they are that special and always unique.

- Handmade in Italy

- Included Blue Gift Box

- 100% Silk

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