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EARIS Jewel Sandals

Handmade Jewel Nude Slippers


When you wear these wedges slippers from far you'll only see the gorgeous jewel on the foot as their nude colors will get lost on the skin tones. They are made in a soft leather padded sole that feels amazing under the feet and the slippers hug nicely the feet to fit comfortably while walking without being loose.

Earis is a brand by Sofia Fournari, a talented friend of mine who makes her sandals in Greece entirely by hand only using Italian leather and certified Swarovski.

As you well know, Italian leather is renowned worldwide for its top quality and finishing, and it remains beautiful for years. Earis does not simply make sandals, these look like jewelry pieces you can wear on your feet.

- Italian leather

- Swarovski crystals

- Handmade in Greece


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