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LEPLAS Rubber Bags

Large 'Navajos' Pink Rubber bag

This is the first 3D print made in Italy by Alessia D'Oronzo, who I personally consider pure genius. She experiments with liquid rubber to create sensational 3D print effects, never seen before and that you can find only here at Bohology.

If you touch the bag you can feel the little cubes of rubber in different colors which decorates the bag in a graphic design that reminds of the South American fabrics 'Navajos' which also inspired famous designers like Balenciaga.  And it's rubber, so it's fantastic to be used in our rainy weather in Singapore as waterproofs

It can be used as a handbag or with its removable strap. The bag opens and closes easily thanks to a snap-hook.

- Rubber, easy to keep clean

- 3D rubber print

- H 26 x W 40 x D 18 (cm)

- Handle length 33 cm

- Strap Lenght max 126 cm

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