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Paisley Clic Clac Crystals Bracelet

This is a bracelet from my hometown Piemonte, Italy.

In Italy we are obsessed with the shape of this bracelet called Paisley: it's a ornamental design, a teardrop-shaped motif with a curved upper end of Persian Origin. It's popular in Italy since the 18th century and we love it also on dresses or fabrics in general. Thanks to The Beatles it became a psychedelic symbol reinterpreted with colourful vibrant colours like in this bracelet.

The craftsmanship is very unique and detailed, very 3D and the colourful crystals are engraved in a metal structure cutout around the crystals so you can also see through.

You can open and close the bracelet easily trough an elastic internal metal spring, like a clic clan of the Hermes bracelets.

- Length Bracelet 20 cm

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