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Sicily Red Pom Pom Sling Bag

This is a very unique bag! In Sicily they call it 'Coffa'and also Melania Trump bought one when she was there in Taormina.

It's rare to find it in this small size which instead of the larger ones that look a bit resort style, this size is perfect as a cool stylish bag also for elegant outfits. It's completely handmade by the same bag makers that inspired Dolce & Gabbana for their collections, from their small artisan shops in Sicily, the hometown of the famous designers. It has a lovely gold chain strap that you can use or hide in the bag.

Traditional bags and jewelry in Sicily are embellished with a lot of iconic symbols like coins, pom poms, mirrors and tassels and they are all good luck symbols but especially they represent the Baroque style of the island.

- Handmade in Italy

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